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Golden Son

Golden Son - Pierce Brown What a bloodydamn ending!!


And so thankful I reread this...a year and I had forgotten about some of this madness!!! Just wow! Even better the second time. Pierce Brown has a gift. Amazing!!!

“For seven hundred years we have been enslaved, Ragnar. Your people. My people. We have languished in darkness. But there will come a day when we walk in the light. It will not come from their mercy. It will not come by fate. It will come when brave hearts rise and choose to break the chains, to live for more. You must choose for yourself. Will you choose the hard path? Will you choose to be my friend? Will you rise with me? Or will you go as all who have gone before, never knowing what might have been?”

Original thoughts:

Just beautiful...heart wrenching...devastating...shocking...and sheer torture. I am a fucking mess. I'll need some time to absorb all this.

A year?? A year?? A year before we get more?? I...I...*shakes head*