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Red Rising

Red Rising - Pierce Brown Reread in January 2015 -
My original rating, review and fangirl attitude remains!!!!

Original Review from February 2, 2014:

How could it be possible that I have now read two of best books I have ever read in a matter of a couple of weeks. First The Emperor's Blades and now "Red Rising". Here it is February 2 and I am now thoroughly depressed. First I have to wait at least a damn year for each of these two stories to continue and secondly...what is he likelihood that I will read anything else this year that could top these books. Yes there are definitely some good books on my list and some hopefully fantastic sequels due out soon (the most anticipated being Dreams of Gods & Monsters but I really have a hard time believing anything could top these books at this point.

"Red Rising" has been promoted as the next Hunger Games...I'm sorry but that makes it sound like it is comparable. There is no comparison in its awesomeness. Don't get me wrong, I loved Hunger Games, but this excels in more ways than one.

First off, "Red Rising" has no love triangle...thank you Pierce Brown!! The love that our lovely main character, Darrow, has for his wife Eo is heartbreaking. It's this love and the love for his people that establishes the core of who Darrow is as a man. Regardless of his physical transformation and the physical "monster" he becomes, his heart remains pure and he ultimately trusts that Eo would want him to believe that her dream of another way of living is worth it all. I love that he struggles in his personal relationship with Mustang and that it is growing slowly based on this similar dream for something more.

Darrow's transformation and insertion into this dystopian hell on Mars is just extraordinary and the political manipulation is just beyond comprehension.

The writing...I could go on for days reciting quotes that I loved, if I had only stopped long enough to mark them. Just a consuming read that pulls you in, smacks you around and then throws you out, only to leave you staggering around while you wait for more. Argh!

And as for the supporting cast of characters, what a collection. Ultimately who can we trust? In the back of our heads we have to think no one. These are not Reds, not family, but as these characters grow and as Darrow earns their trust and develops these friendships, you have to believe that some of these could be more. I love Sevro and have to believe that he will have Darrow's back forever. Even those we should hate, I love...because I believe in the hate, I believe in the fury that is building inside Darrow, and I ultimately I believe in the choices he has to make...as difficult as they are.

In the end...keep your friends close and your enemies closer...that could be easier said than done! Come on Pierce...bring it!