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The Emperor's Blades

The Emperor's Blades - Brian Staveley Just beside myself!

More to come after I recover! Ok...

This book is all things fantastic! Fantastic story, fantastic writing, fantastic characters and one hell of an ending! When will we get more??

For me this book gets shelved along side Melina Marchetta's Lumatere Chronicles, for those similar qualities.

The book is written from 3 different points of view. While I love getting multiple points of view, some books fail miserably at this. For me this could be in the editing (leaving me hanging for 50-100 pages before returning to a particular character) or honestly giving me another character that I just don't like...leaving me frustrated to a point that I want to just skip ahead. This book, while written from the point of view of three siblings did it right. I loved all three of these characters and their stories While the focus of this book is with the two brothers, Kaden and Valyn, the glimpses of their sister Adare, are so powerful that immediately you know that she is just a badass. The combination of attributes from the three are a force to be reckoned with...cannot wait to see what happens when these three unite.

The supporting characters are just unbelievably fantastic! (and Brian Staveley is not afraid of shocking the hell out of his readers, so be prepared!) I do hope we see more of Akiil and Triste In book 2.

And that ending! Argh! I cannot wait to see what comes next! So much of a first book in a trilogy is the set up...the building of a foundation in which to grow a story, and while many rush through the development of its story and characters, this one does so fantastically! I am eager to read more