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Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas 2.5 stars. WTF!?!? I was totally expecting to give this book 4 stars until that ending! I am fine with the who even but give me something after all that! I wanted to understand the how and what would drive the killer to this point ... but no! I am so beyond frustrated. Argh!!

OK so did I just not get the entire book??? I had such a WTF moment as this book came to a close that I seriously considered that I zoned out throughout the entire thing! What just happened? Ok spoiler alert only because I cannot rant properly without doing so.

The book has a great premise. I loved the structure and truly enjoyed the book, often thinking of Gillian Flynn's novels. It kept me guessing and questioning motives the entire time. But that ending! I can get that Anna did it but how and why?

Since the entire book was from Anna's perspective were any of the flashbacks real? Was she really more like Elise and Elise more like her? Did Anna really plan this murder or was it a crime of passion? What really happened to Juan? And how did she ultimately do it? Did she really kill her for sleeping with her boyfriend? I do not buy it honestly...which is why I wanted to know what actually happened between them. Where did she hide this necklace? Did she think all along that she would get away with this? And what was with her comment "I win". I never got the impression that there was a competition between them and what did she win? The getting away with it? ARGH!!! This was totally me...


Need I say more?