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The Ask and the Answer

The Ask and the Answer - Patrick Ness First read: May 2013

Reread Review:
This book is just effing brilliant! I never thought I would be such an emotional wreck on a damn re-read but I was! This book is a crazy as hell journey filled with a level of hatred for characters that I have not yet experienced. At the same time, the love felt for our two main characters transcends anything I have read. There has been no declaration of love, no kiss, nothing, and yet their bond and love for each other is so incredibly strong and heartfelt that there truly can be no one who can stand in their way.

This is an amazing read but one that will flip your head inside out with the amount of Jedi mind tricks, betrayal. lies, and deception going on. Whew is it too early for a cocktail?

Another fantastic buddy read with Andrew.