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The Forever Song

The Forever Song - Julie Kagawa Series Rating 4 Stars

I have struggled all day as to my reaction to this conclusion. I will say first that I absolutely loved Book 2. That book in itself was one of my top reads for 2013. But after a few months things were lost for me. Did I really care about Zeke was one thing I pondered a good bit and what drove me to re-read this series. I wanted to remember the relationship, the characters and get swept back into all the things I loved about this series, and I did. I had even forgotten about how much I despised the villians, Sarren of course, but that devil Stick was one that I forgotten about loathing as much as I did.

As I started this book yesterday, I had seen a few mixed reviews but that is common and I went into this with an open mind. I wanted to feel something, I wanted to hate the villians, I wanted to love the romance, and I wanted some smartly written action to bring it all together. What I felt was none of these things and I am therefore saddened by my reaction. Overall, while plenty goes on, NOTHING HAPPENS in this book until about 80% in, including Sarren's return .

Let's start with the relationship between Zeke and Allison. As I mentioned earlier, I had to go back and reread the series to remember feeling something for Zeke. That in itself should tell me something. And the re-read did make me remember how much I felt for his character but only while he was on the page and when it was over I was lost on him once again. So, here we are in Book 3 and Zeke does not appear until about 30%. By this point I am over him and really have no reason to want him to return. And when he does return...just smack me in the head. ARGH! I wanted to feel sorry for the guy but honestly I was irritated. Ok...a childer??? Did this just get made up or did I miss this in Book 1?? This seemed totally random and out of the blue to me. This should have been part of the teachings of Kanin at least, and then I would not feel like I was taken for a ride. Allison and Zeke do have some sweet moments, but again it is on the page and once its over, its over. Their relationship for me just seemed flat and I just did not care about them at all.

Meanwhile, the saving grace of this book is Jackal, who honestly was FANTASTIC. His wit, charm and badasserie made his character alone, the only one I felt for at all. Along with these feelings, I wanted him with Allison and felt strongly based on some clever statements, that he wanted her. Did JK want me to feel this way? I do not know and so for that I am left wondering if I just read more into it than was there. Or perhaps since he was the only one I cared about, why not let him "get the girl". She could have used a good smack around with Jackal. :)

I loved each and every one of these characters at the end of Book 2 and so was just completely flaberghasted that I felt this way. They could have killed Zeke off halfway into this book and I would have been fine with it. Kanin meanwhile is in nearly every part of this book, however might as well have not been. He has been an amazing character in this series, but in this he was quiet, reserved and did NOTHING to show his masterful self until the end, and by this point it was just too little too late.

Ok so why the 4 star series rating. For me, Book 2 sells the series. It is one hell of a ride and therefore combined with this brings it up a notch. But to say I was more than a little let down would be an understatement.