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The Knife of Never Letting Go

The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness First read 4.5 Stars...but even better the second time through...5 Stars


Ok so why? Why did I enjoy this book more the second time around? Well during my 40 minute commute to work this morning, I reflected on this a good bit...yeah I am a nerd. :)

First off it was a re-read...and I typically enjoy a re-read only for the fact that I get to re-live the beginning while I know the end; looking for nuggets that I may have missed the first time around. But this time...it was Appreciation. Appreciation for the brilliance that is Ness and his writing style. I read this the first time almost exactly a year ago and at that point, I had never read anything by him. While I loved this book the first time, I think I very much lacked the appreciation and understanding of the tales he tells. His ability to throw pieces of a puzzle at you from all different directions while you struggle to see the full picture. This is Ness. This is his way of weaving his story and it is a beautiful gift. I could have easily produced a status update per page and could equally fill this review with quotes. It is just that brilliant.

I have seen some readers not take to this book and to each his own...but for me, this is a book that takes its time with you and really is one that is so off putting at first that I can understand why many would need to sit this one down. For that I would recommend, not starting with this book as your first experience to Ness. Start with [b:More Than This|21969786|More Than This|Patrick Ness|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1398164413s/21969786.jpg|22008332] and I think you will come to trust Ness in a way that could change your entire outlook on this book. I know I did, even if it was a re-read.

Like other Ness books, this is one to enter blindly and damn those reviewers who spoil parts of this book for others in the damn first sentence of their reviews!

Discover Ness and I think you will be blown away. But be ready for some headaches and heartaches along the way. Ness holds nothing back.

First read:May 2013