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Strong Signal (Cyberlove Book 1)

Strong Signal - Megan Erickson, Santino Hassell Status Updates:
The orc once again started dancing in his shiny metallic tunic while my human archer lay dead on the floor at his green feet.
I hit the button to respawn in town and typed a quick message to my guild.

I am clearly a gamer idiot. They might as well be speaking greek. LOL

Sometimes I considered the question of whether a tree in the forest made a sound when it fell, and I applied it to myself. Years from now when I was gone, and I wasn’t missed, would I have lived? God, that was so depressing.

My heart ached at the possibility of him never having been touched by someone who cared. I’d never had that either, but Garrett was honest and loyal. He was a fucking hero. How had no other man noticed that about him? It was my choice to hide from the world and be alone. Garrett shouldn’t be forced into the same situation.

Enjoying this but one scene seems so out of sequence in their relationship to me.

…I…just tell me what happened, okay? I want to pretend we’re not weirdly texting from two feet away.

Yeah I'm not sure this look is what the authors were going for and clearly is different from every other reader.

I really don't like this book. Perhaps it's timing. Who knows. *places on DNF shelf* No Rating.