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Fathom's Five: The Cross of Sins: Cross of Sins v. 1

Fathom's Five: The Cross of Sins: Cross of Sins v. 1 - Geoffrey Knight 4.5 Stars

Promises fulfilled. That was OTT fun and sexy sexy too. But that end...so grateful I have plenty more ready and waiting. 


I've been promised a wild ride of entertaining but unrealistic action sequences. I am on board...let's go.

Status Updates:
You can't help but compare Jake to this guy. <3 <3

“The Church has many factions. It wears more than one mask. Faith has many faces.”

Poor Dr. Hadley...

“Don’t mind us, ladies. I was just demonstrating to Shane how to use a snorkel. The trick is to blow into the mouthpiece nice and hard.”

"If I learned one thing on the Galapagos, it’s that I know you well enough to trust you, but not enough to predict what you’re ever going to do next. You loved me without question. Yet you left me without saying goodbye. You keep me guessing, Eden Santiago. And I love that about you.”
May not be your typical romance but I'm kinda swooning over these moments.

Nobody can influence the destiny of another if they choose to take that destiny into their own hands.


But it was Christ as nobody alive had ever seen him before. Naked, but not vulnerable. Beautiful, but not without his pain. He was simply as his Father had intended him to be—a man.