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(In)visible - Anyta Sunday This was quite lovely and rather heartbreaking at times. A story that reminds me of some of the amazing works by Nash Summers, I was drawn into these quite different characters almost immediately.

Honestly this hovered at a 4.5 star read for me up until the last 5-10% where some angst and a rather abrupt ending knocked it down a tad. Plus I don't usually get too worked up over grammatical errors but the number in this book were quite extensive. Phew.

But aside from that, this is definitely worth the read and as I said, quite lovely.

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"You can see me?"


I OPENED A window and aired the old laundry in the basement—my darkroom. A place I could go and relax. Where hours felt like minutes. To say I loved it was understating. Photography had saved me from myself. Given me definition when everything else seemed black.

Life sucks better than you can ever do. But feel free to prove me wrong.

I didn’t stay out long. An hour perhaps. I walked to the theatre, sat in the middle of the empty stage, legs dangling over the front. Imagined the rows of chairs in front of me were filled of people all clapping— no, not even clapping, they could be booing for all I cared— so long as they stared at me.
gaaah :(

because every movement of yours is a smile just for me.