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Save Yourself (Tales From Foster High)

Save Yourself (Tales From Foster High) - John Goode

Just as wonderful the second time. Love for Matt!

"I know the truth. And, guess what?  I still love you even if you don't love yourself. You have to stop running from this. I mean it."

I loved this.  Not only did I get my book husband, Marvin Wallace, in a fantastic scene with Matt and Tyler, but we got more perspective on several happenings from the Foster High Series. Love Love Love how these scenes gain more depth with each new tale.

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You don't tell the guy you're dating that you wake up in the middle of the night and watch him sleep because your mind refuses to believe that you are finally laying next to the guy you dreamt of for so long. Instead you just smile at him when he asks if you slept alright.


“Tyler is the prettiest guy in the world and his looks are what everyone sees every time. They see those soulful eyes and that sexy grin and think, 'that man has it all together' never realizing that what they are seeing is thirty years of acting molded over a whole other person."