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The Blade Itself

The Blade Itself - Joe Abercrombie Well it should come as no surprise to anyone if you have seen my latest updates that I did not love this book. Quite unfortunate really (as I LOVED Half a King) and honestly I think entirely “it’s me, not you” on this one. As far as my final rating, I struggled with where to take this so I just decided to break it down…

Writing – 4.5 stars

When your good, your good…and Joe is just that. He has a magical way of writing amazingly witty characters and creating a world that is breathtaking. And this one has its fair share of bloody savagery that is just awesome.

Characters – 5 stars

Joe does an equally brilliant job creating characters we love…including ones we love to hate. Logen, Glokta and Bayaz were standouts, but honestly there was not a one that I could say I did not enjoy. Contrary to my further statements below, I felt I was missing out on some things that I wish had been included, including more from Ferro and Ardee. However…point #3…

Number of Characters and POV – 3 stars

Bloody hell…there were far too many IMO and far too many points of view. I would have been happy with Logen, Glokta and Jezal only and seen these other fantastic characters come together through their eyes only.

Plot – 1 star

Essentially nothing happened in this book until the last bloody damn 150 pages and by then I was so over it. I mean, Loki is a brilliant character, and I could look at Tom Hiddleston all day, but if Loki just staggered around town for weeks and essentially did nothing, I too would get bored.


Length – 1 star

First let me say that if it was not for Joe Abercrombie and the characters of this book, I would have put this on the DNF shelf around 50%. Unless you are writing about a wizard with glasses and a scar on his forehead, no one needs a 600 page book!!! (Especially given the lack of plot.) Drop 200 pages of this, and I really think I could have given this far more praise.

The ending – 4 stars

Yes, the ending clearly improved with several amazing scenes (yet still no real plot that I could see). Eventually I will find myself picking up the sequel to this, but I cannot forget the 450 plus pages it took to get there.

So I leave this one with 3 stars.