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Origins: Episode 1 (Cobra: The Gay Vigilante Series)

Origins: Episode 1 (Cobra: The Gay Vigilante Series) - Nicholas Bella, Heidi Ryan Hmmmm. Well I have to say, I am a little disappointed in this first episode. First off, I am a HUGE Bella fan and as he knows, I will read anything and everything and honestly Amazon should just have an "auto-buy" for certain authors because I would certainly use it with this author, no question.

Now, this is the 3rd Series by Bella and following up on the first episodes from New Haven and Demon Gates this one felt lacking. I liked both main characters but the sex and chemistry between them seemed a little off. Perhaps it was the discussion of sex with others that happened numerous times or the first use of a CONDOM in a Bella book that threw Els and I a little off...


A CONDOM?? I have gotten so used to Bella's characters not needing these that even the word popping up had me doing a double take. LOL

In addition, I missed the possessiveness, the desire, the bond and the heat between our characters as these feelings are ever present in every sexual encounter within the other series.

Overall, there is no doubt I will continue with this series, the story and plot could develop into a amazing series for sure (as I know Bella is capable of greatness), but attention grabbing this one wasn't. I do hope the sex and perviness as well increases to what I am so accustomed to in Bella's work. Now, bring on more Vamps and Demons while I wait. Let's go!

Oh yes...pervy goodness coming our way. BR with Elsbeth...Sunday, 7/17