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Aftermath (Volume 1)

Aftermath (Volume 1) - Cara Dee 4.5 Stars

This was an unbelievably beautiful journey about 2 men forced to be together as they are held captive by a psychopath. The book alternates between present and flashbacks of their torturous experience. Their journey is an emotional one and filled with an almost gravitational pull of souls as they come to realize that they just are unable to live apart. Breathtaking and heartbreaking, I highly recommend this one.


For me their realization of their love for one another is what makes this book a 5 star read.

Now Austin wasn’t holding him down to defend himself, it seemed. It was to comfort.
He leaned down and cupped Cam's cheek and rested their foreheads together.
It was a contact that had worked for them before.

Gaaaah…here lately it’s the foreheads together that gets me.


A few irritations docked this one for me just a bit…BUMMER!! For one…the BITCH! Yeah I mean the wife needed to GO…but dammit she got off way too easy in my book!! She needed a bat to the head for how heartless she was. Good grief. And yes, while the entire book consists of flashbacks, the end contains a 2 month jump just as the relationship is hitting its stride. WHAT??? We miss some of the physical aspects of this development and that does nothing but piss me off.


Still…it was fabulous just as Marte, Elsbeth and Momo said it would be. Thank you girls!

Warning: There is torture but no rape…thank heavens. But honestly even the torture was not all that bad…yeah my tolerance is slightly altered *grits teeth* But it’s necessary for the story and while painful at times it only strengthens the connection between these two beautiful men.