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A Way Back to Then

A Way Back to Then - Robert Halliwell 4.5 Stars

Where to begin?  I guess first, I want to express my absolute amazement at the wonders of both Robert and John.  While maybe this kind of hand off writing has been done before, I have never before seen it or experienced it as a reader.  This took courage on both sides and so much trust.  Trust from John to be able to hand over a character in this way…that Robbie (yeah I can’t do Robert or Rob...it’s stuck already) will not fuck this up…that he will write with a similar love and affection for his characters that we have seen thus far in the Foster High Series.  And gosh…the courage it must have taken Robbie to embark in such a writing adventure as this. So how did it go from my standpoint???

Bravo gentlemen, Bravo! 

This really was beyond what I expected.  We got very little of Robbie’s “voice” in 151 Days…but there was never a time when I read this that I looked down at my book and thought…Is this Robbie??  This was beautifully portrayed, witty and heartbreaking, and ultimately so in keeping with the character we have grown to love.

Now onto the book...

Well…I cried on the first page…

I cried on the second page…

I grabbed another box of Kleenex…

I met the family, pee’d in my pants but continued on…

I cried again…

I virtually punched Sean in the face…

I went on a fabulous first date which I long to re-read again and again… (I mean…really…this could not have been more fabulous and while FATE can be a bitch…FATE handed Robbie the perfect guy to tear down his emotional walls, quite literally…everything about this date from start to finish was perfection)…

I wanted to kiss Sebastian...

I wanted to hug Robbie...

I belted out laughter on the street…

I belted out laughter on the street…

I belted out laughter on the street… (yes, this happened…numerous times and honestly this is one of the funniest damn books I have ever read)…

I wanted to hit Tyler… (yeah I know. I shouldn’t feel this way anymore, but that’s a hard one to let go of, even with as much as I know now and as much as I love this character)...

I wanted to eat at Robbie’s Mom's house…

I want to hang out with the old bitter (but crass and awesome) Uncle James…

I wanted to watch every Broadway Musical and Disney movie referenced in this book…

I wanted to text with Kyle...

And ultimately I wanted more…this was way too short…I only hope that there will be another book in Robbie’s far from Neverland world.  Especially now that his heart has melted.

So I land at 4.5…while I loved every minute of this…I do wish we had gotten more of Riley.  While we got some and we know the love that Robbie felt for him, we did not get enough of them…of the love they shared, of what made Riley special.  I would have liked their first date.  Seeing maybe more differences between these two amazing men that have developed an affection for this wonderful character. 

I eagerly await the next in the Foster High Universe as yes…there’s a cliffy…WTF was that all about???  Hmmmm  Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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Status Updates:

Yeah...I had to go for Kleenex on the first goddamn page.

Elphaba ❤️❤️❤️

A weak smile appeared on my face and tears filled my eyes as I looked at the bed. The mattress and bed set I had in Foster were the last things I threw out before I left. The bed was the first thing Riley and I had bought together when we moved into the house. No one had and no one would ever sleep in that bed except us.
The bed in front of me would be only mine.

If you don’t think people are born gay, I have news for you: we most certainly are. I would dream that my house was covered in thorns and my family and I were eagerly waiting for the handsome prince to come save us.
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June 6 2015 1:53 PM
view status update 15% done with A Way Back to Then: I made eye contact with the sandy-haired, green-eyed boy wearing cowboy boots.


Fate, quite literally, had bumped me on the head and handed me my sweet prince.
The same prince Fate would one day rip from the world.
And my soul.


“How can I ‘get,’ pray tell?”
"Well,” he started slowly, “you can come off a little strong, and that’s not a bad thing, but Tyler is very quiet, and he’s still trying to figure everything out.”
I stared at the side of Riley’s face and cocked an eyebrow. “In other words he’s a newbie and you’re afraid I might barf a rainbow all over his face.” In Riley’s defense, I suppose I did come across like a one-man Broadway show sometimes.

I really should have had my Xanax prescription renewed.

T-Shirt anyone??

“I’m just saying. It’s been forever since someone’s been up there. I hope you don’t have any bats hibernating in your ass.” He took a sip of his tea while trying to hide his satanic smile.
“Uck! Do not get me started on what is stuck in where, old man, or I’ll tell them where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.”

When I knew I was done, I turned the clippers off, put it on the counter, and pulled the plug out of the wall. I looked at my reflection and cursed myself for not going all Anne Hathaway by singing “I Dreamed a Dream” while I was cutting.
*grabs another box of kleenex*

Enter Sebastian...yep I approve. *eyes pop out of head with Robbie*


“You do know I can kick your ass, like, fifteen different ways, right?” he said, grinning.
"Oh, bitch, please. You think you’re so tough? Try surviving clearance day at Valentina’s when she marks down the good wigs. You got nothing on New York drag queens.”

So how does get one get invited to the "Moose" gathering??? ;)