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Perfect Imperfections

Perfect Imperfections - Cardeno C. 4.5 Stars




I love this cover…but my heavens…nothing on this cover screams that this book is filled with warm and fuzzies…with wit, charm, laughs, zero angst, absolute sweet goodness, amazing characters who communicate with each other, a love that develops over the course of much of the book…zero instalove…fantastic sexual discovery…lord…

But this was just…


Plus to find another book that lands alongside “Five Dates” and “65 Hours”!!! I am overjoyed. It's...

Until the reread…

And absolutely wonderful BR with Paul and Nathan…what fun this one was. Grab Sonia and let’s do this again. :)

Status Updates:

9% done with Perfect Imperfections: “That’s it? That’s all I lose?” He scoffed. “You need to learn how to place a wager. That’s—”
“There’s more,” Reg said.
"Oh. What?”
"I want a year instead of seven months.”

I love this already! ❤️

13% done with Perfect Imperfections: “What jobs give a shit who someone’s fucking? Politician? Whatever.” He shook his head. “You know who my parents are. If my mother can be divorcing husband number seven—that’s still on the DL, by the way, so keep it to yourself—and my father spent most of his life high, then got so coked up he died in a hotel room with a bed full of women, and my stepmother still showed up at his funeral red-eyed and depressed, getting condolences—I can be gay.”

16% done with Perfect Imperfections: “Hello.”
"Hey, superstar, how goes life? You change your mind yet?”

I want a Reg! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

20% done with Perfect Imperfections: “All right. I have a serious question.”
“What?” Jeremy’s forehead crinkled.
“What do you like on your pizza? Because if we’re not compatible there, no way can we be pretend compatible anywhere else.”
“That’s a lot of pressure.” Jeremy licked his lips and tried to look serious. "What if I get this wrong? Does that mean we’re done pretend fucking?”
"Yup. Which would totally suck for you because I am awesome in pretend bed. So let’s hear it: favorite pizza toppings.”

I love this...have I said that already? ❤️

46% done with Perfect Imperfections: “Jeremy and I are exclusive. Completely.” He watched Jeremy rock his hips in concert with the music and rasped, “He’s mine.”

53% done with Perfect Imperfections: So Jeremy...how do you feel about spiders?? <3

57% done with Perfect Imperfections: “Right. I’m not saying I’ve never dealt with them (the paparazzi), but it was usually only during public events where they knew I’d be, or if I got unlucky and they happened to spot me somewhere. This time it seems like they’re everywhere. I might as well have sent them my itinerary and a road map for my colon given how thorough they are at being up my ass all the time.”

68% done with Perfect Imperfections: “Hey, you mind if I come in there with you?” he asked. “That way we won’t get water all over the bathroom floor.”

Damn Reg...you got the moves!! You push Jeremy on in there! ❤️❤️ *cheers*

89% done with Perfect Imperfections: