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Just Business - Anna Zabo 4.5 Stars

"You're the love of my life."

What a unbelievable surprise this one was! What to say...well...

I'm pulling my "get out of review" card on this one. Dani says everything I want to say perfectly. See her wonderful review...https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1268997854?book_show_action=true&from_review_page=1

Status Updates:

9% done with Just Business: “You have potential. Untamed talent.” Eli picked up his cup. “I’m interested in seeing that harnessed.”

15% done with Just Business: The bells on the door chimed, sounding the arrival of more patrons. Eli paid the ringing no mind until a man’s voice sounded at Eli’s back, as musical and cutting as he remembered. “Do you ever wonder what became of our son?” In Ladino, of course, so Eli would understand but no one else would. Splinters of glass cut their way up Eli’s spine.
"Maybe he would have grown into a fine man and not a . . .”

These fuckers win parents of the year!!

28% done with Just Business: “Because of you, I came here tonight to tie a man up, flog him, and fuck him. If you want to be that man, you better get on your knees right fucking now.”
*fans self*

33% done with Just Business: “I want you to turn and see all the people who have come to watch us play.”

38% done with Just Business: “‘ Fortitudo e dolore.’” Eli’s strong voice rang out over the murmur of the crowd around them.
The tattoo. Right above his thigh, in simple script. He had no doubt Eli understood the Latin. He replied anyway. “Strength from pain.”
Justin’s heart sat in his mouth. Eli’s expression was unreadable— a complete mask. He stepped close, place his hands on Justin’s hips, and looked Justin in the eyes.
Then Eli dropped to his knees and kissed the words.

48% done with Just Business:“But why me?”
Eli glanced away then refocused on Justin. “Because you remind me that I’m not alone in the world. That I don’t want to be alone, despite what I tell myself.”
Oh. “Definitely need more coffee.” That made his heart full and heavy. Thrilling. Terrifying. A vulnerable Dom was kind of like a unicorn.

<3 Loving these two.<br/>
57% done with Just Business: Conference calls must have been created by a bastard who actually got off on people being truly miserable.

74% done with Just Business: “Do you want me to be safe?”
The answer was a half a sob that stabbed into Justin’s soul. “Always. It’s the only thing I want.”


91% done with Just Business: Justin’s collar on Eli’s neck claimed Eli. As surely as Eli claimed Justin. Equals, despite Eli’s orders and Justin’s submission.

98% done with Just Business: