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Hooch & Cake

Hooch & Cake - Heidi Cullinan

I think I have a huge ass crush on Randy...just sayin'...



Yep...this character, once again, stole the show.  While this is a wedding story, it is the interactions with Randy that fueled this shortie amazingly well for me.  


The introduction of Keith into the fold I enjoyed for only a brief period...more again from Randy's interaction than the others. I want these three men together and only them. *pouts a bit*


For me the last scene of this short was probably one of my favorite moments so far in this series, as "the game" between them took a pause.


"You can't use your safe word when it isn't a game."





I only wish this was meant to be for the three of them, and yet it isn't which honestly makes me really sad.


For me, Mitch and Sam's personal relationship seemed lacking here and I honestly was hoping for interaction between Em and Sam at the reception and yet she disappeared from the story completely.  


But Randy.  Randy, Randy, Randy...I am so ready for more of you.  


BR with Marco. <3