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Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris

Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris - Eleanor Bruce, H.L. Holston

First off, I really enjoyed these two...they are sweet and sexy and have quite the connection with each other. Great banter and some witty comebacks. A friends to lovers quickie that's worth the read. 



Now...this may lead into some spoilerish territory...IDK, so read at your own risk. 


I honestly enjoyed the premise...the references to Neil Patrick Harris quite cute. 


The studio wants someone who’s stable. Someone like Neil Patrick Harris... a poster child of monogamy...




Yeah, gay, straight, whatever they are definitely poster material. 


So enter a plan to become that poster couple by coercing your best friend (who is straight) into helping you in playing the perfect couple. Well, what happens next is rather yummy yet confusing...


Chris and Dante have known each other for many years, lived together and yet have never had a sexual relationship...at all. I mean yes Dante has fanticized but our dear Chris is straight and yet...is he??  I'm still not sure I know if the guy was closeted, Bi, GFY or what?  But this "role playing" went from best friends to fuck buddies to full on I love you's rather quick. 



Now granted...I enjoyed it. There was some definite heat and passion and some rather "roll around with naked" worthy kisses and yet I felt that Chris's "transition" from straight to gay was just forgotten. Had he been in love with Dante for years? There was just no concern at all that he is now in love with his male best friend and no discussion whatsoever about this.


So, it was a 4 star read until I got to the end and was still left without the heart to heart about how each man potentially has felt about the other for years. 


Again it's worth the ride. Just turn off your brain and enjoy!


A great BR with Marco. 


Oh...and while I can overlook some grammar mistakes, for a $2.99 short, this one has more than it's fair share...especially when you consider it has two authors.