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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - J.K. Rowling, John Kerr Tiffany, Jack Thorne


Hmmmm...I am left a little frazzled after this book. On the one hard there are some absolutely breathtaking scenes that left me in an emotional state of tears and on the other hand this really felt so disjointed and off from the beloved series that we have read over and over again.


So how to rate??  This is one that undoubtedly has to be broken down a bit.  So let's see where this one lands...


Albus and Scorpius - 5 Stars

These sons of Malfoy and Potter are just amazingly depicted and heartbreaking to read about.  I loved ever moment they were on page.  Their relationship with each other and the relationships they have with their parents kinda tore me up. 


Malfoy - 5 Stars

Of the original characters, I found him to be the one I most enjoyed reading about.  His current life and loves and the reflections his character has on the past were a bit gut wrenching to the point my daughter asked me why I was crying and I could hardly form a sentence to explain what was happening.  


Snape - 5 Stars

Yes...Snape.  And I will not go into much detail but the scenes with this beloved character is reason enough to read this. 


Potter - 4 Stars

Harry kinda drove me nuts at times and I am not sure we really got full closure on what the riff was with him.  


The Story - 2 Stars

The whole plot was OTT and just a mess.  Yes, you will need a pen and paper to keep up and honestly even that will not help.  I mean, even in Back to the Future II we got a map...but nothing here even came close to being resolvable...so I guess just role with it and don't worry so much about the details.


"The Cursed Child" - 1 Star

I am not sure I even know who this was.  Hmmmm.  Harry, Voldemort, Albus, Scorpius, Malfoy, Diggory or another character I will not mention? I honestly have no clue.


The Writing - 3 Stars

I have to say I am torn here which is why this lands in the middle for me.  There are portions of this...conversations between our characters that have absolutely nothing to do with the story at all which are shear perfection. Unbelievable passages and love which for me was so in keeping with the love I felt during the original books.  And yet there are other parts which seemed disjointed and off from what I know.  This is written as a play and while at times I felt so much was missing it was also quite intriging. I would love to see this played out on stage.  


In the end this averages to about a 3.5...which I guess is probably where I would land.


Should you expect Book #8 of Harry Potter...no.  But for the glimpses and exchanges between these beloved characters it is worth the journey for sure. I love these characters and they will forever hold a special place in my heart.