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Always - Kindle Alexander


Let me start with a warning.  If you love this book or haven’t read this book then read with caution. Obviously I am the minority here but…


Let’s start by saying “the Devil’s in the Details”.  This is a saying that for me best describes my irritation with this book. 


We start this book in the “present”.  Our MC Avery proceeds to tell his daughter the story of how he met his husband “Kane”.  Begin flashback to 1975…Only I think I entered this reality…



First off, we get both POVs.  I am still puzzled by this one as this is Avery’s retelling.


The new trends in nationwide mass media coverage required his sexual encounters be discreet or be plastered all over the news.


What the fuck with this comment?? There was no mass media coverage in 1975…AT ALL.  No Fox News, No CNN, No MSNBC, No Cell Phones.  Nationwide Coverage might have been in the form of a newspaper that showed up on your door step or Walter Cronkite in the evening.  We barely had color TVs.  Vietnam War was just ending...I think they could have fucked on Main Street and there would have been talk for sure but Nationwide Coverage...NO.


Now this was at 3%...my feathers were ruffled already so honestly everything just started to make me bat shit crazy.


It wasn't until that moment he realized his cock was rigidly hard. Not the simple irritating hard-on that happened from time to time in life, but something ready to explode, and he had no idea how or why he had this reaction.


Seriously…you do not know why you got an erection…



but I digress.



Two brand new designer suits lay on his bed. One, the latest in Yves Saint Laurent's fall collection, and the other, a classic black from Hugo Boss.


Research…it is called research. And in 2000 whatever when this was written there is a thing called Google.  It is not hard to look this shit up at all…but these fucking suits were not even sold in the US in 1975.


Homosexuality was becoming more accepted. Avery could feel the movement just beginning to pick up steam…


Since when??  I am going to harp on this point again.  This is Minnesota in 1975. No. No. No.  Again you can Google in about 10 seconds and find the timeline associated with the Gay Rights Movement. 


Nothing about this portion of the book said 1975 to me at all.


Then we get to this “love at first sight” business and the “swooning” and “making love” statements on their first real “date”. I am not going to go into much here other than to say that this was just too much for me.  And add to that a reoccurring theme of KA that at least one of the 2 men needs to be drunk off their ass in order to spread their legs. 


Kane grinned, way more relaxed than Avery had ever seen him. He wanted to believe it was him, but he wasn't so certain since Kane had drunk six or seven glasses of wine in the span of an hour and a half. Avery hadn't let Kane's glass get empty.


The man could not even walk…but let’s proceed in “making love” and starting our life of love together.


DNF @ 24%


Sorry Elsbeth on hating this and thanks to Marco for jumping off this train with me…I am not sure I could have made it much longer.