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Not Safe for Work

Not Safe For Work - L.A. Witt

9 months after casting these beauties as our MCs and I have to say we did pretty damn well, having not read a page. 


David as Rick.  A powerplayer developer, suit wearing hottie who is a submissive in the bedroom.



Joe as Jon.  The architectural model maker who is a dominate powerplayer in the bedroom. 



As BDSM goes, this one talked a big game.  The things they wanted to do and try and get into with each other left me a little concerned at times that I would be pushed past some limits.  And yet when it came to the acts themselves there were points at which I was left wanting more.  The intensity of the scenes was off for me.  And yet the reactions the guys had following…coming out of “Subspace” or “Top Dropping” left me feeling like I had missed something.  Was what they did enough to pull them into these mindsets?  It didn’t seem to be to me.  But I did get new stuff like the Wartenberg Wheel and Wax…so there was that. ;)


What was lacking for me in the BDSM scenes was made up for in the development of them as a couple. I truly loved the two of them.  Their interactions and talks felt real to me.  And I loved that they were not always about BDSM…it was almost like they were drawn to each other beyond that and didn’t realize it.  While they never really stepped out of their roles in the bedroom the sex definitely was more intimate than I expected.


“Where have you been for the last twenty years?”

“Looking…” He grunted as I bent my fingers inside him. “Looking for you.”




As he always did, he came out the front door before I was even up the walk. Our eyes met. We both smiled the way we didn’t dare when we saw each other at the office, and barely contained excitement swelled in my chest. When was the last time the sight of someone made me giddy like this? I had no idea, but the sight of him was damn sure doing it now, and I couldn’t get to the top of those steps fast enough.




“You need a Dom. I need a sub. And—”

“And tonight, I just need you.”

All the air rushed out of my lungs. “Me too.”


As an Architect, I was actually quite surprised that I didn’t blow my head off at these scenes. Yes, the Partners of the firm were total douchebags and I really want to believe there are not firms like this out there, but unfortunately some Architects have big ass heads…so…  There was a use of the word “blueprints” that made me giggle but for me it was the NSFW studio depicted here that made me feel at home. I loved these scenes and the interactions of these co-workers.  The long nights, lack of sleep, 5 hour energy drinks, the comradery, crass talk, etc. was really quite relatable.


There is a little angst here but nothing to OTT for me and how this played out really surprised me and worked.


Overall, this was really much better than I expected and the visuals certainly added another level of enjoyment.  Thanks to Marco for the fabulous BR.  *Recommended*


And Just Because…