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Boystown - Season 1-5 Non-Spoiler Review

BOYSTOWN Season Five - Jake Biondi

I was 9 years old in 1980 when one of the biggest and first cliffhangers in television history took place…



…and I remember it like it was yesterday. Yes, I was a kid who grew up watching the dramas from the late 70’s and 80’s with her mom.  From Dallas to Knots Landing to Dynasty there was not a show that we didn’t consume. 


So what a surprise it was that these covers would lead me to relive the glory days of 80’s television.



I had no idea what I was really getting into.  Marco mentioned lots of cheating and then made comments regarding Dynasty and hoping it lived up to it. Well…little did we know that not only would this series live up to this glory but it would exceed our expectations in every way possible.


I had high hopes for my favorite 80’s bitch to make her presence known…




(Yes, I loved me some Abby Ewing)…but while there are certainly some conniving manipulative women in this series, she has not yet come to mind for me…yet…ohhh I do hope it comes soon.


And when shows like Melrose Place came out in the 90’s there was no way I could not watch and submerge myself once again into the craziness that was dramatic television…and certainly aspects of this series come to mind several times as well…



Yep…this crazy woman was definitely thought of.


As with all of these shows leave reality, morality and trust at the door, people, as there is nothing good natured about anything or anyone depicted in this series and that is what made it truly brilliant.  Jake Biondi, like myself, no doubt grew up watching these iconic shows and characters and from that developed a fantastic series that took his beautiful, cheating, backstabbing, horny, mischievous men on a ride we will not soon forget.  And the cliffhangers get better and better with each season.  Just WOW!


This series is sex filled.  And I mean filled.  From MFM, to MF to MM to rape there is a little bit of everything.  Cheating at every turn, condoms tampered with, left off and cum covering every internal organ of every character…it is hard at times to keep up with who is with who, but damn…



I ate this shit up.  Theories on who’s the daddy, who is stalking who, who killed who, who kidnapped who…it was brilliant and lived up to “Who Shot JR?” days of television.


I cannot recommend this ride enough.  Enjoy!  Thank you Marco for bringing this one to my attention...what a ride this one was.  And Marte...so glad you jumped on board.