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Training Season

Training Season - Leta Blake

This is undeniably one of the most beautiful and emotionally heartbreaking books I have ever read and I wish I could write an equally meaningful review but I just can’t so I will just ramble a few of my thoughts and call it a day.


To think at one point I considered not ever reading this makes me…



That right there has me reconsidering every book I have thought that about and why I have pulled myself away from reading reviews and in some cases blurbs about the books I am considering. I do not want to be swayed. I do not want to have someone else’s gripes in my head when I start. Now it had been quite some time since this one went on that ill-fated “do not read” shelf and so when this came up I had completely forgotten everything that had been said before and went in with a clean slate.  And boy did I land in a winner of a book.


While the later part of this book tore me up emotionally, there was so much heart and humor in this book that it was the perfect balance for me.  The side characters of Ben, Elliot, Bill and Angus left my heart all a flutter.  And combine that with the beautiful and loving moments between Matty and Rob and I was an emotional mess.


He recalled the night before when Rob had run his hands over Matty’s body, feeling every muscle and tendon, and then followed his fingers with his lips.“The way you’re put together is beautiful.” 




Now this book contains BDSM but the best kind for me. I absolutely love BDSM when the emotional connection is high and the need is so great between the couple that these scenes make sense.  And that is exactly what I got here.


He surrendered. He was safe. He was loved.

He was home.


This was my end.  This was my HEA and the end of the quite emotional journey for these two unbelievable characters. My heart is full.


A beautiful BR with Marco.