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Training Complex - Leta Blake

I am stopping this one here. Not because I hate it but more because I really should never have started this to begin with. I had my doubts before hand and honestly should have listened to my gut.


Many people I think wonder how I can stop a series like Broken Pieces after book 1 and never read the rest.  For me the answer is simple. 


I have my HEA and I am content.  


And this is exactly how I felt after Training Season.  My heart was so full that I just didn't need to know what other heartaches this beautiful couple had to endure to be happy. For me they were already so happy and I just didn't need more.  I honestly would have loved Bill and Angus' story or how Elliot found some big strapping man to tame him instead.


And this is exactly how I felt after 151 Days. I should have left my beautiful Brad and Kyle alone and trusted my gut and I didn't.  My gut knows.  And so moving forward I am going to listen to it more and trust it when it has doubts.


Matty and Rob are beautiful in my heart just the way they are.