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Conscious Decisions of the Heart

Conscious Decisions of the Heart (More Heat Than The Sun Book 2) - John  Wiltshire



This series has kinda knocked me on my ass.  In a way, I am thankful that I originally DNF the first book at 11%.  I clearly was not in the right frame of mind at the time for this series or this couple.  I was irritated and therefore my feelings were screwed.  So taking this on a second time, I knew it was important to keep an open mind and not be too quick to judge.  I have read no blurbs on this and if I read a review on this series then I am a complete blank, because I have no recollection of doing so.  I read no blurbs but trusted my friend who just said I would love it.  So yes, to finally read this and it be a complete 180 from what I thought this would be about…



So much happens in this second book that I actually had to go back through the book to remember everything.  Shocking twists and actions that I never could have imagined happening.  But under every storyline, every action and twist, is one of the most beautifully developed and altogether different relationships and romances I have read. 


Nikolas turned to him, his face stony for a moment, but then he closed his eyes and put one hand to the back of Ben’s neck. “What do you want me to say, min skat? I told you once—you’re the only man I’ve ever willingly given my body to.” He laughed ruefully. “Until tonight, you were the only man I ever kissed.” He shook Ben slightly then opened his eyes and stared at him. “You try to make comparisons for things that can’t be compared. He was food, and he was safety. For a while, he was the life raft I clung to in a furious ocean. You are the conscious choice of my heart.


*cue tears*


Now I am a sucker for mysterious arrogant assholes and ones that wear masks.  And for this arrogant asshole to only have one person who gets behind the mask to catch glimpses of the real man is so heartbreakingly beautiful that there was rarely a dry eye as I read this.


Sometimes Ben wondered if there actually was one real personality left behind all the masks Nikolas chose to wear, or whether the masks were now just revolving facets of a fractured man.


And what a fractured man he is, and what a man Ben is for him. 


In addition to the arrogant asshole, is a man who is also possessive as hell.  Gaaah there is nothing better than this feeling related to the love between two people.


Many times he’d thought about getting Ben marked with a tattoo clearly labelling him as his possession.



Mine! Mine! Mine!


The love shared and developed between these two characters is just on another level.  So rich and beautiful. While these two have a lot of sex within this series, there is such passion and such emotion shared that I could honestly read about nothing else.


Nikolas turned to Ben and took his face in his hands. Very carefully he kissed him. It was the gentlest kiss they’d ever shared. Ben then took over, cupping Nikolas’s face like a precious thing, butterfly-kissing his warm lips, kissing over his good eye, even placing the lightest of kisses on the fracture across his nose, and then pressing harder into the places that could take harder kissing, his neck, his throat, some of the bruising on his collarbone. Very carefully, Ben unbuttoned Nikolas’s shirt and kissed his healing shoulder wound, licking it gently, returning to his neck, licking and sucking.


Needless to say, I am totally captivated by them.


And John…


“Jeg elsker dig.”


Thank you for this couple. 


And Marco, thanks again for pushing me to take this on and to Teri for the BR.  A book that I will continue to hold dear and one I will be highly recommending from now on.