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Sacrifices - The END of The New Haven Series

Sacrifices: Kingdom of Ara (Episode Four) (The New Haven Series Book 19) - Heidi Ryan, Nicholas Bella

Well, the Nicholas Bella journey began for me on August 17, 2015, and I have not regretted it one minute.  19 books later and this series has honestly left me so emotional. What a journey it has been.  


Overall this episode alone is quite good and in keeping with the series, however a "series finale" it really wasn't and for me I think is the reason it left me quite sad.  For 19 books we have had the joy of getting Noel and Theoden's POV and while their story has come somewhat to close (I get the need to step away from them as far as story telling goes), but I needed more of a send off and more of a goodbye from them. I needed more of Marco quite frankly. Yes, we get a couple of exchanges with him, but his character and interactions with Noel were absolutely some of my favorites of this series.  I needed him.  We did get other closure with Noel and Romeo finally had some great moments on page as well.  


Now, as for a finale, this really is not the end of these characters or this world. The view is just changing.  We have a new threat entering the picture which will impact more the dragons and werewolves and so Theoden and his family will no longer be the central focus, but undoubtedly will be huge allies to others moving forward. 


My hope is for us to get Ty and Dante as new POV's.  I have to believe Deacon and Josef will also remain front and center along with this new threat.  This threat I think is in for a rude awakening entering Odin...I am quite excited to see what happens.


Until then, I will wipe my tears and try to wait patiently.  



Thank you Els for continuing on this journey with me. 


This series is highly recommended...but be sure to keep a dirty open mind and just fall into the world of Bella.