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Tight End

Tight End - Alicia Notarainni, Jay Aheer, Devon McCormack

“No more games,” he says as he breaks our kiss. “No more fighting. I don’t want to pretend that I don’t want you anymore.”

“Then don’t.”


My first book by Devon McCormack and certainly not my last. 


In a book revolving around games and alpha men, this one packs a sexual punch.  Two men who each carry their own emotional baggage, who hide behind false facades and who quite frankly appear to be assholes...this was definitely my kind of book. I love a good arrogant asshole who only needs that special someone to see behind the mask to who they really are inside. 


This is what it would always be like if he stayed with me. Because I can never be myself. He could never be himself. He’d have to play the game and work to keep everyone’s interest. That’s just not his way. That’s what I like about him. That and when he looks at me, I know he doesn’t see the Tad Roarke that other people see. He doesn’t see the image that I’ve crafted through the years. He just sees another guy. And the more he knows me, the more he breaks through barriers that I’ve spent such a long time trying to keep everyone from breaking through.


This is really a sexual and emotional ride with little to no angst at all and honestly the perfect book for easy consumption.  At times some of the scenes got a little long and drawn out but then something would happen to pull you right back into this couple and your desire for them to let it all go. 


He’s my drug. My beautiful, wonderful drug.


They definitely take their time with each other.  From fuck buddies to friends to lovers, their journey is just that…a journey.


I am in desperate need of Darren’s book and his journey to finding his HEA.


My “Tight End” Tad