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Where There's a Will

Where There's A Will - Cari Z.


Geez. After suffering through the nonsense of the first two installments, I finally feel like we got something here. And it was worth the wait. 


This one had so many improvements...character development, relationship development, insight into our supers, science nerd talk, intrigue, etc. So needless to say...



I totally loved our MCs. And considering I really despised Craig in the first two books, I was kinda surprised.  And the emotional connection and development, that was completely missing between Edward and Raul in previous books, is so much better here. I have to admit I teared up more than once at dear Craig. 


There are definitely villains at work here but not the ones you think which I throughly enjoyed. 


Is everything wrapped up in a bow at the end of this...nope...and there are definitely a few head scratching moments that really I think needed some more insight and resolution. But given where we started...



I can only think there's more to come...and I can only hope the next is even better.