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Save of the Game

Save of the Game - Avon Gale

This was such an improvement over the first book in this series!!


Riley and Ethan totally worked for me.  They were adorable…






And even a little bit awkward. And…they were MONOGAMOUS!!




Shocking…I know.  But considering EVERY other bi-sexual couple in this series can’t seem to get away from the constant discussion about threesomes with tits, it was quite refreshing.


Overall, the relationship was developed at a nice pace for me, and I loved Ethan’s family.  His backstory to me was more heartfelt and understandable…as opposed to Jared’s in book one which seemed a little OTT.  I did miss some sort of resolution or closure with Riley’s family…even a phone call with his brother would have been nice.


So overall for me, the book (if only about them) would have landed a 4.  BUT…


My God…


ZOE, LANE AND JARED drove me freaking nuts.  They are all annoying and consumed way too many pages for my liking.  From the constant discussion about sleeping with others to the wonder which is Zoe and her now numerous careerS in Hockey…



I can only hope that the next book I can avoid using this gif.