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Into You

Into You - Jay Northcote

He couldn’t think of anything better than a happy ever after with his best friend.



And if they ever need to remake Freaky Friday again...please let it be THIS version!!! What a perfect Disney adaptation this would be.  This was sweet and sexy and just an absolutely beautiful story.  These two were just off the charts adorable.



I have to admit a body switch love story seemed like it would be awkward as hell, but Jay absolutely nailed this.  There was no awkwardness at all, only the rediscovery of the love between two soul mates. 


This was everything he’d wanted since he was old enough to understand his feelings. It was so much more than a crush, and even though it might be too early to say it out loud, he knew he loved Scott. This wasn’t Shakespeare’s version of love in Romeo and Juliet—the temporary insanity of new passion. Olly always suspected that Romeo and Juliet might never have lasted, anyway. They were virtual strangers who never had a chance to get to know each other. With him and Scott, it was the real thing. Something deeper, based on knowing a person’s soul and not just appreciating the body that housed it.


I can't wait to read this one again and again.