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Road to the Sun
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Enduring Night
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Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race
Margot Lee Shetterly
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Out of Nowhere (Middle of Somewhere Book 2)
Roan Parrish
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Best of 2016

Presenting my Best of 2016. (Number of books read: 140)



Top 3:
Out of Nowhere by Roan Parrish and Narration by Spencer Goss
The Imperfection of Swans by Brandon Witt
All for the Game Series by Nora Sakavic


Honorable Mentions:
Heart Overflows: The Mating of Michael by Eli Easton
The Best Non M/M: Red Rising Series by Pierce Brown
Bellalicious: Opportunity (New Haven Season 4, Episode 3) by Nicholas Bella
Favorite Ginger: Travis in Then the Stars Fall by Brandon Witt
Best with Lady Parts: Isadora by Ella Frank
From DNF to Favorite (Marco knows best ;) ): Love is a Stranger by John Wiltshire
Best Book of No-Nos: Lying Bastard by Devon McCormack
Culture Emersion: Blood and Milk by N.r. Walker
Why’d I Wait So Long: Training Season by Leta Blake
Best Dialogue: Dirty Angel by Barbara Elsborg
Most Entertaining BR with Marco: Boystown (Seasons 1-6) by Jake Biondi


Wishing everyone a fabulous holiday!