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Perfect Catch

Perfect Catch - N.R. Walker

Was risking my friendship with my best friend worth it?


Well...with NR Walker writing your story you better damn well risk it.  My heavens...not even 10% into this shortie and I was totally taken with these two.  Once again, Ms Walker has been able to capture true love and an undeniable connection between her characters beautifully well.  


His gaze met mine, a mix of uncertainty and longing. I brought my other hand up to his cheek, touching him as if he were made of glass. I leaned in slowly, his breath hitched and his eyes fluttered closed, and just before our lips met, I stopped. This moment, I’d waited years for this… I took everything in. His face, the smell of him in the rain, his pink lips so close to mine, and that nervous, heart-stopping almost-kiss perfect moment.



If you are new to Ms Walker then by all means...take the risk and go for it here.  And if you love everything Walker writes, as I do, then don't miss out on this amazingly hot and touching shortie.  You will not be disappointed!


*An ARC was received for an honest review.*