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Lane's - Nash Summers

I have to be honest...a little of Maps goes a long way.  There is no doubt the guy is cute and adorable and quite quirky...but phew...this started off rather painful for me.  



This was it. The next big step in their relationship. Maps was going to see Lane’s room. Maps was going to be inside Lane’s room.


Maps was positive, without a doubt, that his had to be the “third base” Benji referred to.


I mean there is quirky and awkward and then there is just plain cluelessness...and knowing this kid is nearly 18 and heading off to college...I just think...really?


Thankfully, three other standouts helped make this as enjoyable as the others.

Lane: Finally, we get more than two pages with the guy.  YAY!!  Overall, I have felt his absence pretty strongly and the portions with Lane and Maps together are so touching and lovely that you can't help but melt all over these two. Lane is just sweet and shy but so in love with Maps...I just wish at some point we had gotten his POV as well.  


Perry: I love the hell out of this whitty kid.  He holds nothing back and is so expressive that you cannot help but fall hard for him.  The banter between him and Benji is off the charts awesomeness. 


Benji: The loyal best friend once again nearly steals the show.  And his actions and clear emotional struggles are so charming that I want his story more than any other.  Oh...the pairing foretold here is just perfection on paper.


So overall, a sweet lovely read and the ending is quite magical.  



And yes...I kinda picture Yuri and Victor as Maps and Lane. <3