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Best of 2015

My Best of 2015 MM Reads...What are your favorites of the year??


-Best Roadtrip : "Focus on Me" by Megan Erickson
-Best Short/I Want More : "Fawn" by Nash Summers…honestly this one also deserves Best Eye Contact at a Party Award *fans self*
-Hit Me in the Gut, Chapter One : "Signs of Life" by Melanie Hansen
-Momma Read Rape and Survived: "The Boys on the Mountain" by John Inman…this one also deserves Best Horror/Comedy…yep you heard me…the most brilliantly balanced book of the year
-Cockaine Award : "Retribution" by Nicholas Bella…yeah…I had to swap this one for Season 2’s "House of Theoden"…phew.
-Just Pretend : "Victim of Love" by Darien Cox…just thinking about this scene gets me a little excited
-Best Communication: "Carry the Ocean" by Heidi Cullinan
-Bite Me : "Alasdair" by Ella Frank
-“Out of Kleenex on Aisle 5” Award : "Last Dance with Mary Jane" by John Goode
-Cowboys in a Closet Award : "Stars and Stripes" by Abigail Roux…this Award takes two fantastic scenes and just smashes them right together. Yummy.
-Best First Date : "We Found Love" by Kade Boehme and Allison Cassatta
-Rough Love with Passion/It Wasn’t Rape : "Kage" Series by Maris Black…and yeah this one deserves Most Lickable Covers too.
-“Match Made in Heaven” Award : T.J.Klune (Author) and Michael Lesley (Narrator) for "The Lightning-Struck Heart"
-Snooze but Never Lose : "Rattlesnake" by Kim Fielding…comfort read with a powerful punch
-Most Fulfilling Ending of a Series : "A Way Home" by Keira Andrews
-Gimme the Man and the Cabin : "In the Middle of Somewhere" by Roan Parrish…this woman also deserves Best Debut and Most Beautiful Cover…just WOW
-Most Reads in 1 week : "Nowhere Ranch" by Heidi Cullinan…Yep…this one got consumed twice in under a week…Ride ‘em Cowboy!
-“Lawnchair” Award : "Everything Changes" by Melanie Hansen…if you have read this then you know what I am talking about…my heavens…I would happily be the “lawnchair” between these two characters… anytime
-Biggest Swoon Award: Logan (Alpha with a Heart of Gold) in "Trust" by Ella Frank...gaaaahhh…one of my all-time favorite characters
-"Hands Off My Book Boyfriend" : Braden in "Stay" by Riley Hart
-Wanna BR? : "A Forbidden Rumspringa" by Keira Andrews and "Broken Pieces" by Riley Hart (Yes, these are at the top of my all-time favorites list and I will happily pick these up with anyone who wants a hand to hold…I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!) – In 2015, Rumspringa was read 3 times and Broken Pieces was read twice.


And finally out of 185 Books Read in 2015…


My Favorite Book of the Year: "Vespertine" by Leta Blake and Indra Vaughn…NO WORDS