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This Other Country - John  Wiltshire

Nikolas had in fact spotted Ben in a room once and not known who he was. Ben had been naked, blindfolded and bleeding, but he had laughed at his captors’ attempts to make him talk. He’d been telling jokes and ignoring the humiliations being heaped upon him—he wasn’t being too badly brutalized because, after all, these were his friends and colleagues interrogating him. Nikolas had watched this unknown SAS soldier, studied his body, listened to his voice and, when the blindfold had been removed, stared into his eyes from behind his one-way glass protection. Nikolas had then fallen off the top of the very high wall he’d erected around himself to keep all emotion at bay. A traitor, a murderer, a very evil man living the life of his dead brother, that wall had been very high indeed, but seeing Benjamin Rider that day had started a descent chasing a flawless beauty that in some ways was still continuing.


Long update but deserved. This is beautiful. ❤❤❤