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Faking It

Faking It - Devon McCormack, Riley Hart

I was a little worried about this one, going in.  But this was nothing if not entertaining.



I absolutely fell in love with this couple.  Travis and Gary were adorable together. The premise is not a new one for sure but it is one that certainly works for me.


The first part felt heavy with Devon's FB humor but quickly got into a good groove.  I could only imagine Riley and Devon passing the baton to one another as this story unfolded.  We get the humor, we get the heartfelt moments and yes, we get the HOT HOT HOT sex.  


"You're gonna have to tell me if I cross a line."  

I lean towards him, and I don't know what  possesses me, but I take his earlobe between my teeth -- gently.  I nibble on it for a moment, his deep groan assuring me he's enjoying my work.  I release his lobe long enough to whisper, "I don't bruise easily, Travis."



Always the quiet ones. :)


We get a little angst towards the end of this one...and are hit not once but twice.  This maybe was a bit much and the storyline with Steven felt way off for me.  But in the end the couple carried this one through.  


Looking for an entertaining sexy couple...then try this one out.  I eagerly await more from Metropolis as I am hoping we get Hayden's story next.