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This Other Country

This Other Country - John  Wiltshire

So how do you pick a quote or quotes to include when your entire copy is highlighted?  Yeah...you don't. I cannot possibly choose. Whether it's one of the absolutely hilarious moments (yes I said hilarious...and they involve Nik!!!) to one of the most beautifully written descriptions of love and devotion expressed between two characters..there's just no way. 



These two men are without a doubt one of my favorite couples of all times. I continue to be amazed by the words that are unbelievably crafted to truly envelope everything that is Nik and Ben.  It's breathtaking. 


And seeing how their love stands up to what unfolds here is quite magical. There truly is no one more perfect for the other than these two. 



He had no intention of telling Ben the rest of his thought—he needed to learn how to admit Ben was his captor and that, therefore, Ben held all the power.



Yeah, I found a quote. ;)


Special thinks to Teri for the BR, Marco again for convincing me to give this series another try and CinnaMen on FB for her beautiful collection of images.