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Thanos - Ella Frank

48 hours later and I am still not quite sure where I stand with this book at all.  So my feelings, my rating and my review may change over time. There is no doubt that I will be rereading this entire series again and again.  So who knows...


For the majority of this book, I was in utter awe.  The way this story plays out is not at all how I imagined.  The relationship between Thanos, Paris and Eton unlike anything I could have envisioned.  Just wow!  The continuation of greek mythology and the Scriptures of Delphi continue to play an important role and how these Gods play into this story was unbelievably crafted.


There is very little sex in this installment at all, but what it lacks in sex it more than makes up for in absolutely beautiful moments of love and devotion between these characters. In the looks, the touches and their actions, these vampires show their ability to love one another.  I was left in tears on more than one occasion.  Leo and his interactions with not only Vasilious and Alasdair, but how he interacts with Thanos was breathtaking.  Some of my favorite scenes of this book actually took place in the floor of a bathroom. Gaaaahhh...I need to go reread this scene again.


For me, it is the conclusion to this series (the epilogue) which has left me in honestly a disheartened state.  




If you know this movie at all, you know what Doc Brown says here and that is all I am going to say.

(show spoiler)



So what does this mean going forward?  I have to believe in my heart that there is more to come for these beloved characters.  Elsbeth and I have spinned countless scenarios to continue this story in our desire for more of Thanos, Paris, Leo, Alasdair...hell what am I saying...I WANT THEM ALL!!!


Until then...Elsbeth, we will carry on in our heads...



Thanks Elsbeth for the BR! <3