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Radisq [Beyond the Veil 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) - Toby Aden

Unable to control himself or stop, Radisq flew into Aaeren’s arms and slammed his mouth against the other man’s, groaning as he tasted heaven. For a minute, Aaeren was held immobile by surprise, but soon he wrapped his arms around the young Water prince and drove his tongue into the sweet, moist heat awaiting his pleasure.

Radisq wrapped his legs around Aaeren’s waist and dug his fingers into Aaeren’s hair, displacing the decorations holding the other man’s hair back. Radisq barely registered the silky texture of Aaeren’s hair as it sifted through his fingers, moaning at the explosive taste that washed all over him. Never had he had such a reaction to anyone before and never had he forgotten his surroundings, consumed by the presence of one person.


Now...they have been introduced. But only seconds before...literally.