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Gone for You

Gone for You (Wild Side Book 1) - Riley Hart

What a nice surprise this was...of course...it is Riley Hart so you know it's gonna be good...but this one was even better than I was expecting.


Childhood friends to lovers with so much heart and devotion that you can't help but love these men to death.  This story takes a good 50% of the book to kick into any sort of sexual relationship but honestly this worked for them and made you appreciate the relationship they did have on a different level.  Once this got there it was off the charts with sexy times.  


Oliver is just one of those people everyone wants and needs in their lives.  The strong supportive friend who always has your back.


Matty is just a lost soul and while he loves his Oliver, he also needs to be able to learn to stand on his own.  And he tries and tries.  But it is only in his music where he can truly be himself and the man that Oliver has loved for so long.


“There you are.”

“You knew where I was,” he replied, and then, “sorry if I woke you.”

“That’s not what I meant. Earlier, during your shoot you had your walls so fucking high around you, I couldn’t see you. I looked for you, even afterward but you had your mask firmly in place. You do most of the time, don’t you, Matty? You’re always fucking wearing it but not when you play. That’s the only time you’re really you.”


While both men are in their late 20's this is almost a coming of age story for Matty as he struggles to find himself.  


This book is filled with some very touching, sexy and possessive moments (which are some of my favorite).


"If you were mine, I’d burn the fucking world down before I let anyone else touch you.”


Phew!  Riley can definitely get the heat going.  


This one has very little angst as well which was nice.  Even the little there was was absolutely necessary and showed the maturity needed to make this work long term.


Miles is up next and already I am in love with his character (plus there is a sneak peek to his story at the end of this) and hopefully we will get Chance's story eventually too.