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A Forced Silence

A Forced Silence - Cate Ashwood

So yes, I gave Cate Ashwood another try.  And I have to admit this one was far better than the others I have read...so that is definitely a plus!



But like the others, this one just lacks something.  It starts out strong, I like the two MCs and the first sex scene was off the charts HOT.  But then we kinda have nothing for about 40% of the book. I was borderline bored.


There is a mystery included in this which was a nice surprise and although the storyline disappeared as well for those 40%, it picked back up and left me still wondering "who dun it".  I have my suspicions so it will be interesting to see what unfolds as the story continues.


There is the ever present, stupid breakup in this but at least it was relatively short lived and honestly allowed Adam to get his head out of his ass.  I get why some choose not to come out of the closet but this situation just didn't really fly with me.  And once he does decide to come out, boy does he have a way of letting everyone know.  



They may have attacked each other...just sayin.


I did miss some followup between Adam and his brother, Jack, as this seemed like it was left rather unresolved.   


So again...the best of Cate that I have read so that is saying a lot and I am definitely continuing with this series as the mystery continues.