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Come and Get Me

Come and Get Me - Nicholas Bella

Oh it feels good to be back…this was tasty.



First off, if you have not read The New Haven series then you are crazy to even consider reading this.  Do yourself a favor and indulge in that yummy goodness first.  While a new series, this is directly related.  Many of the same characters and storylines are continued here with the introduction of several new faces and threats.  I am in love with Dominic already and have plans in my head for him that I hope to see played out. 


Vic as well peaked my interest and his time with Ty was so memorable. Seeing our dear Ty become smitten with his pup was something I hope we get more of. I truly need his POV soon!


Not quite sure what to make of Kindrick just yet.  He seems so full of himself that honestly I need him taken to a dungeon somewhere and educated.  HEHEHE.


And that end…my gawd.  That might be the most badass entry I have seen in this series. So…



Once again, Bravo to Master Bella!


Now that said, I felt we were stretched a little thin here with 5…yes 5 POV’s.  Phew. It was a lot.  And while I loved the chapters from Noel’s POV, these really were not all that necessary.  I would have rather the last scene been our first sighting of our dear Vamps.  But hey…I can’t complain for long because…cum showers and the night with the King was pretty fucking great. 


I am eager to see many upcoming moments, the mating of Dante and Josef being high on the list.  Hopefully we won’t be waiting too long. 


Once again, thanks to my fellow Belloholic, Elsbeth, for the BR.