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Power Exchange

Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose


I have to say for a book which has sat on my To Read Shelf for nearly 3 years, I am almost aggravated that I have not already read this.  But honestly, for some books (and maybe this is one of them) that wait can make all the difference.  This book focuses on the BDSM community and does so incredibly well.  While our MC is educated, we are also and it never once feels demeaning or disrespectful.  In almost all the previous books I have read with BDSM, it is almost like these aspects are included for the kink factor and not with a full understanding of the why…of the community in which these participants are a part of.  Here, the bond between our MCs is amazingly touching, strong and the instances in which they are in a scene or in a club, those aspects are even further enhanced. The true power exchange that takes place is something I have not totally considered or understood until now. 


"Ah, the power exchange. A submissive's greatest gift is giving someone else control. As I said last night to you and your partner, it takes more courage to kneel before another than to stand beside them. Subs are not weak. They simply choose to let someone else fulfill their desires, and trust that person to do so. They put their Dom's wishes ahead of their own, and their payoff is a happy Dom, who also rewards them with praise and love and the safety net of guiding them around life's obstacles.”


And seeing our Gavin explore these desires and learn to surrender to Ben is breakthtaking.


"Every time I see you, I want to… do things to you."

"What things?" I shivered.

"I want to blindfold you, plug your ears, gag you, tie you up. Make it so the only thing you know is my touch. No sight, sound, or taste to distract you. I want you hyper-aware of my fingers on your skin, of my lips and tongue exploring every inch of you. And I want you unable to move, so when I have you that helpless, you can only do one thing—surrender to me."



This book involves some pretty graphic crime scenes and the investigation aspect of this is pretty well done.  However there were a few WTF moments that left me scratching my head just a little.  But I coughed up the stupidity of our MCs to what these characters go through, see and experience and called it a day.  Honestly what little irritation I felt was more than made up in the emotional situations between these characters.


*Highly Recommended*