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Safeword - A.J.  Rose



There are two moments in this book which will forever be some of the most memorable immersions into a story and into two characters that I have ever experienced and they centered around the use of this word.  I felt every single word, every emotion and ever heart aching moment these characters were going through and it was beautiful.


This series continues to surprise me. Not sure what I really expected from this but it is not at all what I am getting on the pages before me.  The BDSM elements are so passionately written and the love and trust described between these two men is just amazingly developed. 


“You are the only one I want, sub or not, fucked in the head or whole. This last year, with you, I’ve woken up inside. I used to think it was the thrill of the whip, of seeing someone on his knees for me, or the heat of a freshly reddened ass that made me feel alive. Getting someone to fly with me, taking submission for the gift it is—that’s a heady thing. It makes my nerves sing and my heart beat fast. Gets me hard and I feel like can do anything. And that feeling is a pittance compared to being with you.”


My Ben. My strength. My heart.



And while the BDSM is still a running theme through this story, it is not the focal point.  The relationship with Myah and the detective aspects take center stage here.  And while there is no on page rape, there is certainly discussion of this level of abuse. 


Overall (since I have now finished all three books in this series), this one stands out as my favorite.  The reestablishment of trust and the breaking down of emotional walls as these characters grow in their relationship with each other is breathtaking.  And while this series gets darker and darker, the consistent love shown between these men is never forgotten.


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