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Working It

Working It (Metropolis) - Devon McCormack, Riley Hart

I am loving this author pairing more and more.  Just fun, sweet and hot reads.  While this one was not quite as good as the first one for me, I loved seeing all of these boys once again and these two were certainly entertaining.  I have to say though that in looking ahead to book 3, I was really hoping Finn would end of with Derek.  Hmmmm.  We shall see how Jackson pairs up.  But regardless, Finn’s story is needed…I have a feeling there is a lot brewing under the surface of this guy.  His interactions in this book were unexpected and actually worked really well for me in getting these boys to see their true affections. 



This one also gets bonus points for Julie…the loving and supportive mom.  I would love to be Hayden’s mother and get to hang out with this group of men. 


I also loved the comic book aspect here…so cute…just wish we had visuals inside the book to go along with the read. 


Definitely worth the read if you want angst free, sweet and sexy.