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Straight - Seth King

Yo, I saw your story, and I have a similar background with my girlfriend Michelle. I was totally straight, never so much as drunkenly kissed a girl at a party, dated guy after guy and never questioned anything at all –and suddenly I’m falling in love with my mattress salesgirl at JCPenney on a Sunday afternoon. Jess had big brown eyes and an even bigger butt, and immediately I knew I liked her –but my parents are evangelical Christians, and since I’d never liked a girl before, I avoided it for a while. I wasn’t horrified or anything, I was just confused. I loved dick, you know? Really, honestly enjoyed it. But I couldn’t shake her. So one night I drank a beer and texted her, and that was it. We’ve been together for six years now. Society tells us that sexuality is a two-way street, straight or gay, pick one and move on. But I think that’s wrong. I don’t even think sexual categories exist, really –it’s like the wind. When is the wind ever blowing exactly north, south, east or west? Whatever happens with you, good luck. But I think you should stop thinking and just follow the wind.