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LGBT Book Challenge...Recap Days 1-10


Day 1: Favorite Opening Line or Paragraph 




Ben could pinpoint the exact moment his thoughts toward his daughter changed. It was the moment Molly Rose made Nikolas laugh.




Day 2: Sports Themed




Day 3: Favorite cover without a person




Day 4: Food or Drink themed


The New Haven Series (Season 1-4), by Nicholas Bella




What?  This is totally a food AND drink consumption series!  LOL  



Day 5: Favorite Free or KU Book


Original Cover


Note:  This book was a freebie for years (having been originally a part of the Love's Landscapes/Don't Read in the Closet event on Goodreads) and only recently got a new cover and is now for sale on Amazon for $2.99, which technically disqualifies it for the challenge.  Damn. So...


Another winner and one that qualifies...



An equally fantastic read.



Day 6: Favorite Couple


Ella Frank's Tate and Logan (Temptation Series)









Day 7: Music Theme or Fave Song from a Book



Featuring: U2's With or Without You



Day 8:  Desert island read



No clue what this criteria really means so I went "setting of a book". 



Day 9: Your fave reading spot


I have to be honest....really anywhere I am with a book and coffee or a drink works just fine for me.  Could be my porch, my office or in my car. I care not.  





Day 10: A setting you'd like to visit 



The overwater bungalows in the Philippines, featured in: