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LGBT Book Challenge...Day 12


Day 12: Fave MC


Logan Mitchell, "Temptation Series" by Ella Frank





I didn't have to think too hard on this one at all. He will always be my favorite. From cocky sexy arrogance to a man with one of the biggest hearts around. I love how this character continues to amaze me as he grows more comfortable in being in a "committed" relationship, something he never even considered before Tate Morrison. All the love. 


I love you,” he said, and as Logan looked at him, he reached for his hands. “I had no idea when you first sat down across from me that night—no idea what I’d been missing,” Tate whispered. “It was you.”

Logan’s eyes started to fill with tears, and he blinked, trying to get them to stop as Tate continued to look at him as if he were his whole entire world—he hoped that was the case anyway, because it was never more apparent than in that moment that Tate was his. -Trust