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LGBT Book Challenge...Recap Days 21-30


Day 21: A summer/winter read (to account for both hemispheres)    



What a sweet fun read.  Plus lots of kisses...see my yummy review here.




Day 22: Transportation on the cover  


An all time favorite...  




Day 23: Fave of 2017, so far  


Yeah, I get a cheater day on this one as so far I cannot pick a favorite from this favorites of 2017 list...I think some rereads may be in order. 




Day 24: Road trip themed



What a surprise this book and this couple was.  Plus...Randy! 



Day 25: Book you would gift to a friend  


and have...




Day 26: A favorite sequel or 2nd in a series






Day 27: Ugly cry tear-jerker  


It's a toss up...




BOXES of kleenex needed.



Day 28: Coming of Age




A series that I even read with my daughter, Haley.  Love for Brad and Kyle.








Day 19: Anthology (Fave or want to read)  


Well...I have never actually read a full anthology...so I get to pick one I "want to read".   And considering this one includes some of my favorite authors I will go with...




Day 30: July release you can't wait to read



Let the drama continue 7/7/17!!!